New Additions

I wanted to take a minute and talk about the 2 new additions to our gym.
We now have a lower body Arc Trainer. Yes, similar to our recent Arc Trainer addition but it is a cross trainer designed to concentrate on the lower body. The Cybex Arc Trainer offers broad incline and resistance ranges which mean it is really 3 machines in one. At the lower incline levels, the glide is a cross country skier. In the mid-range levels, the motion is a stride (like an elliptical except with proper positioning). At the high levels, the climb of a stepper or climber. Glide, Stride, and Climb.
Here is a link from a research indicating benefits of using lower body Arc trainer after knee surgery!

We also added a cable crossover for chest workouts. You may find many videos online to teach you how to use it if you never have before. The cable crossover also works as two individual single cable columns which you may perform many upper and lower workouts.
Please DO NOT hang on its top rail!